Hi, my name is Chan Kim Man, I was born in HK.

I started to learn Ving Tsun in 1974, at that time, the grandmaster is the first student of Yip Man in HK called Leung Sheung.


I also learned other martial arts till 1978.


In september of 1978 I started to learn Ving Tsun again because I felt Ving Tsun suitable for my weak body.

At that time my friend said, that if you want to learn good Ving Tsun you must learn from a very famous master, he also is Yip Man's student called "Wong Shun Leung" in HK.

So I learned again from my late master (sifu)in 1978
till he passed away in 1996.

During this period of study, I often received training in Ving Tsun and Boxing, and also participated in several competitions to practice the practicality of Ving Tsun.



Because I practiced very hard, I was recognized by Master Huang as an assistant coach around mid-1980, and I also started to assist my master in teaching.