Hello, my name is Chan Kim Man, I was born in Hong Kong.


I started learning Ving Tsun in 1974. At that time, the grand master was the first disciple of Yip Man in Hong Kong named Leung Sheung (Wong Shun Leung).


Until 1978 I also learned other martial arts.


On September 1, 1978 I started learning Ving Tsun again because I found that Ving Tsun was very suitable for my weak, petite body. At that time my friend said that if you want to learn good Ving Tsun, you have to learn from a very famous master who is also Yip Man's student in Hong Kong named "Wong Shun Leung".


So from 1978 I learned Ving Tsun again from my master (Sifu) until he passed away in 1997.


During this period of study, I often received training in Wing Tsun and boxing, and also participated in several competitions to practice the practical application of Ving Tsun.


Because I was very diligent and trained hard, I was recognized by Master Wong as an assistant coach in the mid-1980s, and I also began to assist my Master in teaching.